Here you will find updates for my ongoing CIC/Adama's Quarter's Themed Man Cave project in addition to other things Galactica I am up to. I have no real updating timeframe, but just rather when something strikes me as needing to be posted.


December 4, 2011

I have updated a few of the pictures below, primarily the door/hatch. I am hoping to have the cluttered corner (with the hangar bay sign) done in the next few months with a secondary work station.

April 6, 2011

Big update time. If you have been following this on Facebook, then you already have seen these, but for those here, I'm posting high-res pics. Click on the image to open a new window.

September 19, 2011

Sorry for the lack of updates here, but I have started posting them on Facebook - it's just easier and less time consuming. Plus I feel I can post more frequently that way. Be sure to "LIKE" it here:

The CIC Project on Facebook

February 24, 2011

I finished a few more prop replicas today...

The Viper - Mark II training poster was printed on PVC board and is 20" x 30" in size. Bonus points for those who know in which episode it was displayed.

We never saw the cover of this book in the episode Someone to Watch Over Me, but the coolness factor is all over it.

Also, I was in contact with a carpenter today who just may make my CIC door...

February 16, 2011

A good day today. Not only was the weather nice enough for me to take the training wheels off my daughter's bike and help her ride on two wheels for the first time... I also made a visit to my local Good Will and struck gold:

Three BSGish frames and two CICish cables! The smallest frame holds a 5"x7" and the medium holds an 8"x10". The wooden one is a mirror (albeit not for long) that will frame an 8.5"x20". I painted the two smaller frames and I will be painting the mirror's frame in the next few days.

February 10, 2011

Finally started the Support Section.

February 9, 2011

Wow, where does the time go? Finally some good news. Next month I will be starting the final stages of my CIC Man Cave. It's been six years since my work has been in the green enough to give out a bonus, and this one coming will be enough for me to be able to buy the dry wall, the paint, the shelves, etc., etc.

I'll be contracting out the dry wall, but everything else will be me and the family. Heaven knows my wife is ready for me to get my BSG corner out of the bedroom (at times it seems she more than I).

Lastly, thanks for all the e-mails with questions and encouragement. Maybe we could all get together and watch BSG:B&C in there?

September 27, 2010

Just a quick update to let you know I am at a standstill with the completion of my CIC. But I am looking at a February or March completion on the project. For the interim, I have been making some more prop replicas to aid in the accessorizing of the room's completion.

And speaking of BSG props, you can keep upto date with some of mine and many others here: Replica Movie Props. It's a great place to spend an afternoon or three.

Latest works:

June 7, 2010

It has been a while since my last update, and well, there has been not much progress... okay, none really, but now that the family vacation is out of the way, final funding and planning will be concentrated on the CIC.

March 3, 2010

Well, after reviewing the budget for what was spent and what will be coming in, the CIC will have to wait a bit longer - but it's still coming. Within the last 12 months, we have had enough in car repair bills (for both mine and my wife's car) to buy another car. That's life though.

But I still have been busy. Check out the Freebies section for some more good stuff.

February 17, 2010

I have started another project for the man cave - I wanted another wall decoration that I didn't have to pay outrageously for...

It is 2' x 2' just like the original and I thought it turned out rather nicely, especially for being printed on foam core board.

Here is a progress pic of the graphics I have designed for the rest (all 100% hand vectored and font matched, mostly):

February 4, 2010



Again, if anyone wants to get their's converted, here is his address (tell him I sent you):

A1 Telephone Service & Repair
Attn: Dennis
500 S. High St.
Belleville, IL 62220-2121

February 3, 2010

It's been a hectic week here, with the snow and all. First be careful when asking your son to get the snow and ice off your car...

I also received my now fully functional (as in I can make and receive calls) TA-954 prop replica phone and I have it up on the wall downstairs, just waiting for my CIC to be completed.

Here's all three videos together: VIDEO 1 / VIDEO 2 / VIDEO 3

If anyone wants to get their's converted, here is his address (tell him I sent you):

A1 Telephone Service & Repair
Attn: Dennis
500 S. High St.
Belleville, IL 62220-2121

January 26, 2010

The phone's done:

Now everyone has to call me once I get it!

January 25, 2010

Since I am going to order the safety glass today, I have started the preliminary designing of my CIC door. No, it's not a scale representation of the actual one - I have to work off the standard door size due to the framework already being in place. But I don't think that will be a real issue once I finish it.

No, the door won't be brown - the color scheme is just for my benefit. ;-)

January 23, 2010

Second video update:

Can't wait!

January 18, 2010

I have the TA-1/PT and TA-1035 military phones, which are the ones used in BSG, and really wanted them to work for my CIC... Well, a buddy gave me the link to A1 Telephone Service & Repair ( where Dennis McDonald will convert them over for you. In fact, he is posting videos of his progress on YouTube:

Here is his address:

A1 Telephone Service & Repair
Attn: Dennis
500 S. High St.
Belleville, IL 62220-2121

I'll post further updates as they occur.

January 13, 2010

A buddy made the Viper II Diploma, while I made my own "frame" from foam core board, a sheet of brown paper, thin plastic, and mini brass nails.

January 10, 2010

I updated the site with freebies... And tweeked the graphics a bit.

January 7, 2010

I finally finished my stein. It's difficult to see in the pics, but it is weathered and worn. This was from sanding the stein completely then soaking it in a tea/coffee mix and pulling out to dry multiple times over a 5 day stretch. I tried shoe polish but I was never happy with the result.

January 6, 2010

No new updates. Just waiting on our tax refund as to get the drywalling started/finished.

July 5, 2009

Although I'm not at the dry-wall point yet, I am working on the wall decor... Aside from the Cylon War Painting, there are these:




8"x12" each

Saved several hundred cubits making my own...

June 24, 2009

Well, it's not exactly a room update, per se, but rather an accoutrement for it...

After visiting my local Habitat for Humanity store, I found a frame there for $76. No, it's not the same color, but the gold actually accents the painting in a way the pic below can't even come close to showing.

As for the stretching of the canvas, I just bought the wood and various screws and such at Home Depot and then stretched it myself, saving about $250 there...

Moral of the story - if it doesn't have to be exact, be sure to visit places that have used frames and very low prices.

Total cost of everything but the print: less than $100...

June 17, 2009

Coming soon: Dry Wall!

June 14, 2009

Whew, I finished the insulation... And I came down just in time to be outbid for my CIC chair!!!

So if anyone here has any info on the actual chair, as model, brand, etc., I'd be endebted to you dearly.

May 27, 2009

I have wired the room for sound and video - which will be behind the walls... Here is the TV and surround sound - test in progress.

Insulation is next.

May 6, 2009

Well, there goes the electrician.

Just outside where the door will be. You can see two of the CIC lights straight ahead and to the right.

This corner is where my two desks will be (you can see one desk in pieces in the image below).

The couch will go along the wall on the left, door on the right.

The TV will be on the wall with the insulation and the wall to the right will have bookshelves along the vertical portion of the wall (and will circle the room).

Until I get my fan, the overhead lights will keep all bright and the one pointing towards the window will be shining on my

Now I have to lay the speaker wires, HDMI cables, and a few various other wires behind where the drywall and insulation will be.

May 5, 2009

My electrical guy comes out tomorrow and is installing 4 additional outlets, 4 wall light units, preping the overhead light for an eventual fan, and a few other things.

I found a cool cylonish looking one at Home Depot where 2 blades go clockwise and the other 2 go counter clockwise. It looks really cool, but it's $309, so it can wait.

Speaking of lights, I got these in today (I have 3 going up):

I'll give another update in a few days.

April 22, 2009

I finished the frame for the wall and door today with some help from a friend from work. I also moved the single power outlet and cable outlet to where the main viewscreen will be. Okay - it's just the TV, but I will be viewing the screen, so....

NOW, the next step is wiring for the 3 wall lights and 4 additional power outlets...

Slowly but surely...

April 15, 2009

Okay... the room is (top view square) 16.5" x 16" and is cleared out except for some computers, monitors and a TV.

Next step is wiring for the wall lights and additional power outlets...

More updates as they come.

March 3, 2009

This will be a long drawn out thread because I will be posting updates and asking for tips & suggestions along the way... But in the upcoming months, I will be finishing half of my upstairs and turning it into my very own CIC/Ready Room.

And it all starts with this (it is silver, full sized, and will go on saftey glass):

More updates to come.

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