For some reason, these can no longer be found on the web, so I thought I'd host them for now. That being said, the first two may not work on your 64 bit operating system...

But ... I have included the SWF file that will run the DRADIS Chronometer if you just download then click it.

Download the DRADIS Chronometer Screensaver
Download the DRADIS Chronometer SWF File

Download the Standard DRADIS Screensaver
Download the DRADIS SWF File

Download the Dradis Panel v1.0 Screensaver
Right Click, Choose Install After Downloading

Here are some prop replica documents I have recreated (and some I made from scratch) that I wanted to share. When you print them out, don't forget to cut the corners (some of the smaller documents already have guides). Also, print on beige paper for the added effect.

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