Here are some goodies I have painfully and faithfully recreated for the enjoyment of it. If you see anything you like, shoot me an e-mail.


Viper / Raptor Magnetic Nameplates:

Full Sized Squadron Wall Plaque:

These are printed on foam core board and are 2' x 2' in size.

CIC Procedural Replica Books:

These are made from actual books, corners cut, then wrapped in printed fabric cloth for that great BSG feel.

Pilot Clipboard and/or Blackbird Manual

Pilot's Clipboard with documents and squadron decal on the back.

Honored Viper Tailnumber & Nameplate:

Also available in Rapror Rust

Raptor Manual:

Caprica City post card from before the fall:

Four Raptor Recon Photos:

These are 11" x 17" printed on photo paper, and are *very* nice.

Set of 4 Raptor Recon Photos:

These are 11" x 19" / 8" x 10.75" / 10" x 16.5" in size, printed on photo paper, and are also *very* nice.

Static Viper Manual:

The Viper Manual does not open and the interior pages are blank.

Memorial Wall Photos:

The majority of photos are 4" x 6" with a few 2" x 3" in size.

Presidential Folder and Papers:

BSG Museum Tote Bag:

The tote bag size is 13.5" wide, 13" high and 2.5" deep. The image is on both sides of the bag.

10" BSG Vinyl Decal:

Viper Cannon Round:

Metallic Viper Cannon Round and Display Sign

Viper Round is metallic and 6" tall.

CIC Mousepad:

Single Hangar Bay Sign 13" x 20":

Caprica Flight Trainaing Academy and Colonial Viper Weapons School Sign 12" x 16":

Three Safety Signs 8" x 12" each:

Warning Live Ammo Sign 7" x 11":

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